Quality Assurance Program

quality1smbPH Tool maintains a stringent ISO 10012 compliant Quality Assurance program governing the precision manufacture and accurate, repeatable inspection of NDT reference standards and test blocks. The quality program at PH Tool has been designed to meet the requirements of these specifications:

  • 10 CFR 50 Appendix B
  • NQA-1, 1994 Ed. through and including 2008 Ed., 2009 Addenda
  • ANSI N45.2
  • ASME Section III Division 1
  • MIL-I-45208
  • MIL-Q-9858A

Recalibration/Recertification Service

quality2smbIn addition to the inspection of newly-made standards and test blocks, PH Tool also offers recalibration/recertification services. This service is offered on products manufactured by us, as well as by other manufacturers. Typical items that we recertify are: EDM notch standards, ultrasonic test blocks such as IIW and step blocks, and ASTM flat bottom hole reference block sets made to ASTM E127 and E428. Standards of unknown origin or with missing documentation may be able to be recertified, saving the expense of replacement. PH Tool offers a convenient recalibration reminder service on blocks to be recertified on a regular calibration frequency.

How often should I have my Ultrasonic Test Blocks recertified?

This question is becoming more and more common. Ten years ago, customers rarely sent UT blocks back to the manufacturer for recertification. Now, many do. We estimate that at this time, 15-20% of buyers send their blocks back to us to recertify. It may be that auditing or certifying agencies are beginning to look at test blocks as Measuring & Test Equipment (M&TE) and require that they be verified as time passes. We have seen situations where blocks that have been used extensively begin to exhibit dimensional changes. We have even observed blocks that are worn to the point that they no longer meet the intended specifications. Conversely, some blocks still look absolutely new after 10 years. Clearly, block condition, and the need to recertify, is influenced by the amount of use/abuse to which the block has been subjected.

PH Tool does not impose any calibration frequency on its blocks. We know they are perfect when they leave here, and we trust our customers to decide what makes sense for them. If you are considering having us recertify your test blocks, our suggestion is a 24 month calibration frequency. Some of our customers do this as frequently as every 12 months. It is really up to you to decide, based on your evaluation of the blocks and their use, and your internal Quality Assurance program.

We have a recertification reminder system in place at PH Tool that sends email reminders 60 days before the due date. Recertification reports are modified a bit from those for other blocks to include the original manufacture date, the recalibration date, the calibration frequency, and the next recalibration due date. In addition, much more dimensional data is provided on a recertification report compared to a new block cert, as every feature of the block is reported. We are happy to recertify PH Tool manufactured blocks as well as those made by others. Should you want to order new blocks with full dimensional certs upfront, let us know that when your order is placed. The cost of this service is discounted significantly at the time of new order placement. Contact us for recertification pricing and with any questions you may still have about this service.

Quality Assurance Equipment

quality4smbSome of the equipment we use to inspect standards includes:

  • Ten (10) Video Measuring Systems
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Micrometers, verniers, height gages, bore gages
  • Pin gages
  • Gage blocks
  • Microrule Master Scale
  • Climate-controlled laboratory environment
  • Pratt & Whitney Vertical CMM
  • Dial indicators
  • Granite surface plates
  • Specialized inspection equipment